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About Us

Our Mission

Marshall County Career Innovation Center is a premier career and technical education facility that provides youth and adults lifelong learning opportunities for satisfaction and success in their careers and beyond. We partner with educators, industry leaders, and the community to empower all of our citizens to thrive in Marshall County.

Core Values

Providing opportunities for all to pursue their purpose and passion


Fostering continuous learning and growth through shared experiences

Developing positive relationships for the advancement of our thriving hometowns



Goals and Objectives


Provide learning opportunities for all

  • Grow labor participation rates of target populations

  • Marshall County residents pursue post-secondary training

  • Host community enrichment opportunities 


Create collaborative spaces

  • Expand programming

  • Increase county job retention 


Plan meaningful experiences with key partners

  • Increase # of certifications or completion of employability skills training

  • Marshall County businesses are employers of choice in the region

Look to the Future

Adult Students

Your Investment Impacts Tomorrow

Join business owners and leaders of our community in our solution to education, promote and enhance Marshall County! Click Invest Today to make a difference.
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